Team Development

Hands teamTeams are critical to organization success. We help teams clarify roles and responsibilities, develop a common vision, and identify key strategies. This leads to higher levels of synergy, collaboration, trust and ultimately results.

How do we help Teams?

We start by meeting with the team leader to clarify expectations, goals, and time frames.  If needed, we will also meet with the leader’s boss and other stakeholders including HR partners. We also meet with the Team to share and clarify goals, and to gain their support and buy-in

It begins with helping the leader and the team identify their strengths as a team and their improvement needs. If needed, a more formal assessment can be used to help in the process. The team will learn the key steps in building a High Performance Team (based on the Drexler/Sibbett model), which generally includes:

  • Orientation- Do all team members really want to be on this team? Are they committed and do they associate themselves with this team?
  • Trust- Do team members believe the other members are capable and willing to contribute at a high level?
  • Vision, Roles and Strategy- Does the team have clear roles, a crisp view of what they are trying to accomplish in the future, a common strategy?
  • Decision Making-Does everyone agree on how and when decisions are made on this team?
  • Project Management- Does the team have an efficient way of getting work done including using common metrics and milestones?
  • Synergy- Do they get more out of the team than they do as individuals?
  • Renewal- Does the team celebrate success? How well do they assimilate new members?

The team development process can be as short as a few meetings but often includes a series of follow up sessions. Along the way, we carefully measure and track progress toward established goals.