Executive Coaching

leadershipExecutives succeed or fail based on their ability to work with others. Our coaching process allows leaders to see themselves as others do and to gain insight into their strengths and weaknesses. Our short term coaching engagements keep it simple and practical, guiding executives to work on things that provide the most leverage to their success.

How Does Our Coaching Work?

  • We meet with the leader/client to determine if the working relationship is a good fit.
  • We meet with the leader/client’s boss, and often the HR Partner, to make sure appropriate support and follow-through is in place.
  • We set clear expectations with the leader/client and relevant stakeholders. This includes the length of the coaching (usually 6 months or less) and the specific steps in the process.
  • We begin coaching by helping the leader/client see him/herself, as viewed by others, including peers, bosses, direct reports and other stakeholders. This may also include more formal assessments, as appropriate.
  • Together, we identify strengths and development needs, and establish clear goals for the coaching process. We believe that building strengths is equally important to improving development needs.
  • The coaching process includes scheduled meetings with the leader/client, along with ongoing phone calls and emails.
  • We will schedule review meetings with the boss and HR Partner near the beginning, middle and end of the coaching process.