Collaborative & Empowered Cultures

lightbulbcreatePeople commit to what they help to create. We help leaders create business environments with high degrees of participation, ownership, and engagement.

How do we help to establish collaborative and empowered cultures?

  • We start by meeting with the leaders of the organization to clarify the current culture and to determine a desired future state. We work with the senior leaders to establish goals and objectives both short and long term.
  • In almost all cases, we will interview a cross section of the organization to determine readiness and levels of buy-in for the desired future state. This will help in determining the best approach and methods for managing the change.
  • Our philosophy is always to include as many people as possible in the process.  This creates more buy-in and makes the change possible.
  • We help teams and leaders develop the skills needed to work in a highly collaborative and team oriented environment.
  • The length of the consulting engagement will vary but is always determined jointly between the senior leaders and us. Our philosophy is to keep the engagement as short as possible and teach the skills needed to sustain the new culture.