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Ken Goldstein has been helping leaders improve organizations for more than 25 years. He knows from those years of experience on the inside, how large complex organizations work, and he has helped managers and executives become more effective in those environments. Ken led strategic HR functions at Mattel, RR Donnelley and Bowne Business Solutions. He has demonstrated his expertise in executive development, talent management, succession planning, organization and cross border culture, employee involvement and human resources.

Ken has been successful in assisting a variety of industries and organizations to improve talent management and executive collaboration and efficacy. He has been able to positively impact business leaders within manufacturing, service and consumer industries with their design, development, marketing, engineering, information technology, sales and corporate functions. He has helped leaders and organizations maximize their potential throughout North America, Southeast Asia, Hong Kong, China, Europe and Latin America.

Ken is a graduate of The Ohio State University and serves on the Board of Directors of HR People and Strategy and the HR Strategy Forum. Ken also serves on the Executive Education Advisory Board of the Center for Effective Organizations (CEO) at the University of Southern California.



Ken offers leadership coaching, team development, talent management and more.


Executive Coaching – simple and practical to leverage success.

Team Development - with real results.

Integrated Talent Management – for all levels of the organization.

Collaborative & Empowered Cultures – helping leaders to empower and engage their organization.


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